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NOTE: University of MN Test Results for CAE, Johnes, Toxoplasmosis and Q-Fever were again all negative in January 2009!

Heidiís Mini Acres is located in rural Cambridge, Minnesota.  We have been involved in breeding and showing goats for three generations, previously raising Toggenburgs and now specializing exclusively in Nigerian Dwarfs.  Our goat herd is very much a family affair with grandparents, adults, and children all participating in the rearing and showing of the herd.  We have chosen the Nigerian not only for its milk production but also because their small size and gentle personalities make them a non threatening companion animal for family members of all ages to enjoy and handle.   Emphasis on family is definitely a commitment to us and even our young daughter actively participates in the rearing of kids, milking of does, daily feeding, and helping out with show responsibilities. We feel the Nigerian is the perfect combination of pet and function for todayís small hobby farm family. 

 Our Nigerians originated from some of the top herds in the upper Midwest and have ranked among the top of their breed since we began showing them in 2004.  We strive to product quality animals which exemplify the best of their breed standard.  Milk production is also a priority with all of our senior does earning their milking stars in 2006.  The milk from our herd is consumed by our household and also used in the production of homemade goat milk soap. 

We have a commitment to raising healthy animals and follow a regular immunization and worming schedule with periodic fecal samples conducted.  We will gladly share our herd management techniques with you but recommend consultation with your personal veterinarian to establish a management program for your own herd.  Our goats were tested NEGATIVE for CAE, Johnes, Toxoplasmosis and Q-Fever in January 2009.   We are registered with the Minnesota Board of Animal Health and participate in the federal scrapie program.  There has never been an abscess on any animal produced on our farm.  Our feeding program includes high quality alfalfa hay, a grain mix appropriately formulated for dairy goats, and free choice mineral supplements.  Our bucks are given a daily ration of ammonium chloride to prevent calcium deposits in the urinary tract. 

 All kids are hand raised by members of our family with active participation by our young daughter.  Our goats are highly imprinted on humans, making them docile, affectionate, and easy to manage.  The goal for our herd is to continually strive to produce top quality goats which exhibit the best of their breed standard and also make productive and loving companions for our family and yours.   Please click on the links below to view photographs of our goats. 

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