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Our goal is to breed quality Nigerian Dwarfs which will exemplify the characteristics of their breed ad be productive dairy animals for our herd ad yours. We are very proud of our goats and hope you will be happy with them as well. As always, we reserve the right to retain any animal born in our herd for replacement stock.

All animals are a complex product of the genes they receive from generations of ancestors. While the characteristics of the parent, such as confirmation, size, udder capacity and attachment, teat size, etc. are an "indication" of the genes which will be passed along to their offspring, there is never any guarantee of what the offspring will look like when they mature or how they will perform in the show ring. Some will exceed expectations and inherit the best genes from all ancestors on both parental sides, while others may inherit less desirable traits which are also carried by the genes of their ancestors. Children of the same human parents possess their own unique traits and appearance. The same is true in goats as well. While we strive to produce quality animals, we cannot guarantee which genetic traits any goat will inherit or how each animal will mature. There is also no way to predict how the genes of our animals will mix with the genes of your herd. Breeding goats is both an art and a science, with a fair amount of good old fashioned luck added to the equation. Each breeding is a new and exciting experience.

We work hard to keep our animals in prime condition with regular vaccinations, proper feeding, routine worming, and annual CAE testing. Our herd has always been CAE negative and we have never had an abscess on any animal in our herd. All goats will be wormed prior to pick up or shipping. All kids are treated with Albon prior to leaving our farm and we recommend continued treatment for several days to reduce the possibility of a coccidia outbreak during this stressful time. The purchaser has the right to request a full veterinarian exam at his or her expense. All animals are healthy and sound at the time of purchase but once they have left our farm, we cannot guarantee or be responsible for their health.

Buyers are responsible for the following expenses:

1. Health certificate and vet check if requested by you or if the animal will be transported out of the State of Minnesota.

2. All shipping costs from the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport, if applicable. Shipping is done at the risk of the buyer. We cannot be responsible for circumstances beyond our control which occur after an animal has left our farm.

3. Shipping crates. Crates can be purchased from Petco or a supplier of your choice and shipped to us. All crates must be airline approved if shipping by air.

4. Any additional blood tests or other health related examinations which are required by your state.

5. Transfer of Registration Certificates to your name.

Kid prices are based upon the show and production history of their dams. Wethers are generally available for pets at a cost of $150, or, if purchased as a companion for another animal from our herd, a discount will be applied. We do accept reservations but reserve the right to retain any animal which has not been paid for in full. Reservations can be made with a $50 non-refundable deposit. However, if the doe you have selected does not give birth to a kid of the sex you have chosen or if we retain that particular kid, your deposit will be refunded or applied to the purchase of a different animal. We recommend that you make a second or third reservation selection since there is never a guarantee on the number or sex of kids from any particular breeding. Please be as specific as possible with your reservation. If you are looking for an animal from a particular breeding, or of a specific color or pattern, we will do our best to match your request.

We will notify you when the kid you have selected has been born. At that time, all animals must be picked up or transported within 60 days. After that time, the animal will be made available for sale to others and any deposits will be forfeited unless alternative arrangements are made and an additional boarding deposit is paid. Payment in full is required before any animal leaves our farm - this includes all costs related to shipping and veterinary inspections. All sales are final once an animal has been picked up, delivered, or shipped.

Heifer International ( is a charitable organization devoted to helping hungry families feed themselves and achieve self reliance. More children around the world get their protein from goat milk than any other source because goats can thrive in extreme climates and on poor dry land. The gift of a dairy goat can supply a family with milk, cheese, butter and yogurt. Families also use goat manure to fertilize gardens and can lift themselves out of poverty by starting small dairies that earn money for food, health care, and education. We support this valuable mission and will donate $10 from each goat sale to Heifer Project International to help purchase goats for hungry families.

Updated on 11/29/2010
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