Avian Acres


It is with tremendous sadness that we share the passing of Lance Krog of Avian Acres on Friday,
April 15. Those of us that loved him will never forget his gentle soul, his unwavering friendship and
his tremendous love for his little goats. No one will ever take his place.

A memorial service will be held for Lance on Tuesday, April 26 at 5 p.m. at St. Joan of Ark Catholic Church,
4537 3rd Ave. So., Minneapolis, MN

Rest in Peace, dear friend! You will be long remembered and never replaced.


The History and Legacy of Avian Acres


Avian Acres is located in rural Lakeville, Minnesota.  The name Avian Acres was originally given to the farm because it provides a home for a large variety of birds.  Eastern bluebirds, purple martins, wild turkeys, pheasants, wood ducks, hooded mergansers, mallards, chickadees, house finches, gold finches, meadow larks, and bobolinks, are some of the bird species which abound at Avian Acres.  Much of the 10 acre hobby farm is natural and has been preserved in an effort to establish breeding and nesting opportunities for a wide range of birds and wildlife.  In 2004 the farm was awarded a Certificate of Achievement for its participation in the Backyard Wildlife Habitat Program sponsored by the National Wildlife Federation.  Providing a safe and natural environment for wild and domesticated animals alike is the goal at Avian Acres.

 In addition to our wild, feathered friends, the farm is home for bantam chickens of many varieties, several breeds of ducks and geese, red bourbon turkeys, and of course……..the goats.  The first Nigerians were introduced in 2004 and were chosen because of their small size, ease of care, and wide varieties of color.  The original goats were acquired as pets with no intentions of breeding or showing. But as the farm evolved my love of Nigerians grew and the emphasis today is on raising quality Nigerians which conform to breed standards.  The herd has been built by purchasing animals from breeders who have good herd management and take seriously the issues of proper nutrition and health maintenance.  We follow a regular immunization and worming schedule with periodic fecal samples conducted.  We will be happy to share with you the regimen that we follow for our goats.  The herd is tested annually for CAE with no animal testing positive (test results can be provided upon request). There has never been an abscess on any animal in the herd.  We also participate in the federal scrapie program and are registered with the Minnesota Board of Animal Health.  

 Our feeding program includes high quality grass and alfalfa hay, an appropriate grain mix for milking does and kids, and free choice minerals formulated specifically for goats.  Dried beet pulp is also fed to our bucks and kids.  Ammonium chloride is given to the bucks daily to help prevent calcium stones in the urinary tract. 

All kids are bottle fed. Bottle raised kids become imprinted on humans, making them extremely gentle, affectionate, and easier to manage as adults.  The goal at Avian Acres is to produce healthy, show quality Nigerians which not only serve as productive dairy animals but will also make loving companions for our herd or yours.


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