GCH MI Sugarcreek MT Sweet Treat


GCH MI Sugarcreek MT Sweet Treat

Sire: AGS Gay-Mor Domino's Mantis ++B
SS: AGS Woodhaven Farms Domino
SD: AGS Gay-Mor Kingpin's Lacewing
Dam: AGS Jobi Sweet
DS: AGS Woodhaven Farms Butterscotch
DD: AGS Piddlin Acres Dainty

DOB: 07/21/04
Mahogany & white spotted; polled


Milk Records:
1-7    202    530    33    20
2-4    100    370    24    15

Show Wins:
 2007: 2X GCH, 1X BOB, 1X RGCH, 3X Best Udder
2008: 1X GCH (permanent champion); 1X BOB, 1x Best Udder in Class
Best Udder Sr. Nigerian 2008 MN State Fair

Treat is a powerhouse milker who earned her milking star in 2006 as a first freshener. She has one of the most capacious udders we've seen on a Nigerian and her pictures really do not do her justice. She is a wide-bodied doe with a lovely udder, nice sized plumb teats, beautiful loose skin, and wide open ribs.

Her daughter, MI Sugar Creek ST Nilla Wafer was a 2006 ANDDA All American winner.

Daughter: MI Sugarcreek ST Nilla Wafer
2006 All American Intermediate Doe Kid

Photo of Nilla Wafer courtesy of Sugar Creek Nigerians

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